• Robert Hirsch – A Journey to Entrepreneurial Success

  • Posted on December 04, 2019
  • Robert Hirsch
    Who would have thought that Robert Hirsch’s successful entrepreneur story began at the age of 16? The majority of people at such a young age would want to play games and enjoy the teenage life. However, Robert is not a typical teenager. He’s much interested in discovering how people generate cash flow. Hirsch was carefully observing how ordinary people would make cash flow by selling handicrafts and jewelry. It gave him a feeling of excitement, a feeling that one day, he will start his own business and become successful. 
    His entrepreneurial journey 
    Robert was in sophomore or junior high school year when he opened up his first little bead shop. It was a partnership with a friend, and after two years of hardships and hard-won business lessons, the business grows. It has expanded into six bead shops in three different locations. It was a “light bulb” moment for him. It’s the realization that he can go big in the business industry – with the right knowledge, skills, and attitude. 
    He studied entrepreneurship in college, which has helped him a lot in understanding more what the entrepreneurial industry is all about. However, he considered his experience in running bead shops more valuable lessons because it taught him the “real world” practice of running a business. 
    Armed with the valuable lessons he got as a bead shop owner, Robert moved to Silicon Valley to try his fortune. He started with software and technology companies. He successfully sold his company, Global Courier Travel, to one of the biggest technology companies. He was only 25 years old then. In the next 14 years, he spent growing and scaling businesses in different industries – software, private equity, health, and consulting. He was also involved in IPO and several acquisitions. 
    In 2007, Robert Hirsch built South Fork, a private equity fund. His company buy businesses, grow them, make more profitable, and sell them. He also began doing high-level consulting, helping business owners how to use simple business strategies to growing and scaling their business. So, if they decide to sell their business, they can sell it at a maximum value possible. 
    Robert Hirsch’s new business venture
    As a serial entrepreneur, as he is, Robert Hirsch has a new venture – Freedom Factory. Robert, together with his business partner, Ty Tysdal, built Freedom Factor, a Colorado business brokerage that focuses on freeing entrepreneurs by helping them sell their business at a maximum value. 
    Robert Hirsh’s new venture is a product of his many years of experience in the proprietary business frameworks. His ultimate mission in life is to create a positive change in the world by “helping the helpers.” His new business, Freedom Factory, is an instrument in achieving his ultimate mission in life. The goal of the company is to help free the business owners and secure the financial future of their family. 

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